Malakai says hi..

Posted 24 Oct '09 about Malakai

Good afternoon, hope you’re all well, if it isn’t the afternoon when you’re reading this then stop now and wait ‘til its afternoon and this’ll all make more sense,
nothin much to report just wanted to use a lazy, rainy Saturday to say hi….

hi!… there thats covered it


ps this greeting can be saved and used whatever time of day you like, simply copy and paste, delete the word ‘afternoon’ and replace it with ‘morning’, ‘evening’, ‘night’(if you’re going to bed) or just ‘day’ if you don’t want to commit to any particular period, ‘day’ is also a good one if you’re trying to push out a sophisticated air or if you simply wish to affirm your connection with the Edwardian period, if you veer toward the latter then ‘eventide’ is also a good variation providing you don’t bow like a jester cos people’ll think you’re a prick
Don’t use the word ‘hi’ if it reminds you of volleyball
Also, don’t feel you have to leave in the words ‘lazy, rainy Saturday’ I only used them because a. I’m lazy b. its raining c. its Saturday and d. cos I like writing in a multiple choice format

late sticker swap scores..

got 2 of already
this isnt a sticker

Karen! Harold’s just eaten a massive spider! eugh! GROSS!

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