Authenticity is that rarest of components; the most wanted, yet the hardest to come by. The one that can’t be bought. The one that can’t be faked. Bristol’s Scott Hendy has it. Twelve years of hard work, plying his trade, fine-tuning his art have seen to this. A DJ and producer who has remained creative through it all – before Bristol’s musical name meant something, while genres were being created, and after the dust settled – he shows no signs of slowing down. None whatsoever.

Scott’s most recent project is Malakai, a two-piece fronted by vocalist and lyricist Gee, whose genre-defying debut album Ugly Side of Love (Domino Recordings and Invada UK) has been released to great acclaim; described as “musically daring” by the NME and receiving serious praise from the likes of Radio 1 and MTV’s Zane Lowe and Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno. Mojo went with “a stand alone Bristol sensation” but however described, Malakai’s ingenuity has been received like a breath of fresh air, with their sound a reflection of Scott’s emersion in hip-hop, 60s psych, dub and a hundred and one other musical forms.

“The album combines ‘60s psychedelic-era stuff with an almost hip-hop production. There’s a tune on there called Blackbird that’s just outrageous – it reminds me of Revolver-era Beatles but there’s this kind of DJ Shadow vibe going on”
Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno on Malakai’s Ugly Side of Love

Malakai have supported Doves, Groove Armada and Mr Hudson in recent times and several of their tunes are featured in the upcoming Film4 sc-fi feature Franklyn. Scott and Gee are currently working on a second album for Domino, ready to build on the solid foundations laid by Ugly Side of Love.

Malakai’s eclectic sound is certainly unique but essentially it’s been years in the making, another weapon in Scott’s armoury that he’s been developing since the early releases under the old guises of Purple Penguin and Dynamo Productions. He’s been releasing records as Boca 45 since 2001, including albums in 2004 and 2006 and a host of 7”s, 12”s and DJ mixes since. Described by Arena as sounding “like Massive Attack in a good mood, produced by David Holmes” Boca 45 the DJ continues to play around the world, including Europe, Russia, Japan and the US, where his years of crate-digging combine with his skills and his great ear to always produce a memorable night.

The future too looks bright, with the new Malakai record being concocted alongside other diverse projects that illustrate Scott’s tireless progression and an innate need to always make music. Fresh Boca 45 material is on its way, as is another new creation, Diego and the Dissidents. No signs of slowing down, remember. None whatsoever.

Assorted extra-curricular credits

  • MC KAY – Album co/write – ‘Thinking Of You’ with Geoff Barrow – Go! Discs/Universal Records 2004

Future plans

  • 2nd Malakai Album for Domino
  • Diego And The Dissendents debut album (written and produced by Scott Hendy)
  • New Boca 45 material